MARILYNE JUISHOMME is a french oiled painting artist localised in Bassin d'Arcachon -France

Passionated by academic drawing , anatomy, landscapes and nature, Marilyne painted its first canvas when she was 14 years old.

Its determination has began during Francis Bacon s retrospective in the Georges Pompidou Center (Paris) in 1996. 

This retrospective was the starting point about graphics and philosophical ideas around self consciouness, suffering , and empathy.


She has been studying arts classes during 6 years , in Sèvres (france) and integrated the famous school of arts , called Olivier De Serres (high school) localised in the heart of Paris.

Fascinated by surrealism , Van Gogh impresionnism style, F.Bacon and E.Munch expressionnism and the art movement called Art Nouveau , she has been inspired by  artists such as Klimt and Mucha.

Approaching differents thema through its series of oiled painting , the artist has developped through years its own style and selling its art through Europe.